10 Domain Name Tips – That Can Make You Money

There are certain things you will need to take into consideration when selecting the right kind of domain name for your online business. It is important that the name you select is one which will clearly mark you out against your competitors if you want to make money from it. Below we offer 10 domain name tips that can make you money online and which will help when it comes to selecting the right one for your online business.

1 – It is important that the domain name you choose is not only keyword rich but is also something that reflects the product or service you are offering. So if you provide detailed maps of Europe a domain name such as or if you sell unusual cheeses then something like the would be useful.

2 – When buying domain names either go for those that are either existing or expired. Generally the older the domain name the much higher it will rank in the pages of search engines such as Google. When searching for domain names chose those that are around at least one year old. The best way of checking the domains as to whether their page ranking is forged or not use a site like.

3 – It is important that you choose a top level domain name (TLD). So ideally look for those that end in .com, .net, .info or .org. However, if you are trying to get domain names for a specific country say the UK then aim for those that end in .co.uk.

4 – Before you purchase any TLD’s make sure that they are all available first. Although there are plenty of services you can use to do this they do cost, but it is worth the investment. Otherwise you may be faced with issues relating to the validity of your purchase later on.

5 – If you can when purchasing your domain name make sure that you do so for a period of no less than 10 years. Again those which have been purchased for extended periods of time will rank higher on Google than those that are purchased for only a year or so.
6 – The domain names you select should be ones that are short and which visitors to your site will remember easily. These types of domain names will help to get visitors to your site returning time after time.

7 – It is preferable if you avoid domain names that include hyphens in them. However, if you are finding it difficult to get such domain names then go for those with as few hyphens as possible in them. It is best if you have to have hyphens in your domain name only have one as any more than this as the search engines will penalize you for it.

8 – Never go with domain names relating to an existing brand or trademark as you will have too many other businesses to compete with. So the chances of getting those visitors you want to your site and therefore make money is greatly reduced.

9 – All domain names should have either numbers, letters or hyphens in them and never any spaces. As with too many hyphens spaces in domain names will cause the search engines like Google to penalize it.

10 – When purchasing and parking domain names make sure that you use the same registrar. Not only does it make it easier for you to update your contact details but also when it comes to renewing them. Once you have found a registrar you can trust ensure that you do keep all contact information updated especially your email address. Otherwise when it comes to being informed of the domains renewal you won’t be given the information.

Above we have shown you 10 domain name tips that can make you money online. The better your domain name the more visitors you will get visiting your site and so the chances of you actually making some sales from the are greatly increased. If you keep the above 10 domain name tips that can make you money online in mind you cannot go far wrong with selecting the ones that are right for you.

Renewing Your Domain Name Is Important!

Are you still wondering on how you can renew your domain name? If so, then you should how to take such process for your domain name. So below are some of the common facts about renewing your domain name. So read on.

In renewing your domain name, it is important that you know the nature of the domain name renewal. Accordingly, the domain name renewal is such a process of purchasing an additional period to an existing domain name registration. Speaking of the domain names, it is commonly noted that in renewing your domain name, the domain names can have a maximum of ten years of registration term that is appended to them at any given time.

Given such fact about the domain name term, it is nice to know that you can only keep your domain name by renewing it earlier than the expiration time of your domain name and in time again. But, if you encounter some domain name registrars that offer one hundred year domain name registrations, be aware that there is a great possibility that such registrar for your domain name is either a scam or a company that will take your money now and then renew your domain name for you every ten years up to the time that the set hundred years is due.

It is also considered that in renewing your domain name you come to the extent of adding whatever amount of time you select the remaining period on your domain name registration. And for any of your domain names that you think on keeping, it is then a very practical thing that you register your domain name for so many years at a time. Many domain name renewal experts have considered that the longer your domain name term of registration, the lower is the costs per year.

However, many domain name holders often forget to renew their domain names leading it to an expired status. In terms of the expired status, this thing can last anywhere from 0 to 45 days depending on the domain name registrars discretion. Usually, when you encounter such situation in which you forgot to renew your domain name, you don’t need to worry at all for the reason that you can still perform a domain name renewal during such period. And if the expiration date is really up, you need some additional fees for you to renew your domain if you are still interested, but if now at all, after five days, your domain name will be made available to the public and are open for everyone to register.

6 Key Factors To Choosing A Business Domain Name

Like a lot of things to do with websites, when it comes to choosing a domain name there are many differing opinions about the best approach. This results in the average business person getting confused about what should be a relatively easy decision. So, if you want some simple, basic advice on choosing a domain, check out what I believe are the six most important factors to consider.

Domain type

The domain type (e.g. .com, .com.au and .co.uk) is one factor to consider. For the average company doing business in one country, choose the domain type for your country. In Australia, choose .com.au; in England, .co.uk; in the United States, .com. If you think you might go international one day, the .com domain type is definitely a good choice as it’s considered the international domain type.

What if the domain name you want isn’t available in the domain type you want? There are numerous other choices such as .net, .biz and .org but I would advise to consider carefully before choosing these alternatives. Many people assume website addresses will end in .com (or .com.au or .co.uk, etc.) so they may have trouble finding your web address or, worse still, if your competitor has the .com address and you choose the .net address you could be giving your competitor a helping hand.

Keep it simple

In my opinion, simple is definitely best when it comes to domain names. That is, shorter domain names are better than longer, easy to spell names are better than harder to spell ones and easier to remember domain names are better than names that test the memory.

Use your business name

Perhaps an obvious statement but it’s worth highlighting: Use your business name as your domain name. Of course you might want to reconsider this if your business name contains 40 characters but in general if you use your business name people will easily be able to remember your domain name.

Use a keyword

At the risk of getting a bit technical, if you can slip a keyword into your domain name this can be an excellent tactic for getting higher rankings in search engines. For example, if you sell red widgets and you know people will use the keyword phrase ‘red widgets’ to search for a business such as yours in Google or another search engine, having a domain name such as red-widgets.com makes good sense.

Undecided? Register more

The cost to register domain names is relatively inexpensive, so if you are unsure about your domain name register more than one. You may, for instance, want to get your domain name in a variety of different domain types (e.g. mycompany.com.au, mycompany.com and mycompany.co.nz). This is particularly good advice if you think your business may trade in other countries in the future.

Do it now!

Once you’ve come up with a few potential domain names, you need to find out if they are available and many domain name registrars have a facility that can tell you instantly (Google ‘domain name registrar’). Once you know your chosen domain name is available, register it straight away or otherwise you could risk someone else coming along and beating you to it.